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Fast Learning Chinese and French Lessons In Singapore!

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*For group lessons, the students need to be able to start at the same time, have the same level and the same needs towards the language.

*All information is kept strictly secure and confidential by HUA JIE language programme.

For general enquires, please contact us by email:


For Chinese Programs, please contact our Professional Chinese Specialist by email:

Or contact us

Hp/whatapp: (+65) 91996485 (Singapore)

Tel: (+1) 250-729-9173 ( USA, Canada)

Tel: (+86) 950-404-59391 (China)

Add us on Skype: huajielanguage

Wechat id: julie6485


For French Programs:

Or contact hp/whatapp: (65 ) 98579385

L’Art du Français
French Pro Services and Language Specialist

Office 1

10 Anson Road #26-04

International Plaza,

Singapore 079903

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